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Panama City Hurricane Insurance Claims Attorneys

Helping Clients with Property Damage Claims in Panama City, Lynn Haven, Callaway & All of Bay County

When Hurricane Michael hit ground zero in Mexico Beach, the entire Panama City area, as well as all other nearby cities and populated beach communities, sustained overwhelming damage. This was not our first experience with disasters, as many hurricanes and storms sweep through this area on a regular basis, requiring our friends and neighbors to be resourceful and resilient. A critical part of bouncing back after a hurricane is insurance payments to pay for repairs. However, what happens if you don’t receive the amount you expected - or don’t receive any payment at all?

When you’re already devastated, hearing bad news from your insurance company is the last thing you need. To avoid unnecessary complications to begin with, you should never hesitate to seek help from our insurance claims lawyers at the Panama City office of Ged Lawyers, LLP. If you’ve already received a denial letter or an offer for only a fraction of your losses, call right away. We know how to handle insurance companies and how to protect your rights.

Handling a Wide Variety of Insurance Claims

Hurricanes don’t pick and choose what they destroy, and all types of property are vulnerable to severe damage. If you purchased insurance to cover your valuable property, that coverage should kick into gear if a hurricane hits. Our lawyers regularly handle damage claims for the following and more:

Damage to any of the above can be expensive and without the right repairs, you may not have a place to live, a way to earn income, or necessary transportation. It is imperative to get the claims process started - and successfully finished - as soon as possible.

We know that hurricanes can cause different types of damages, as well, which can also mean multiple insurance claims with multiple policies. We handle a range of damage claims, including:

No matter what sort of damaged property you own, please contact our team to learn more about how we may help.

You may see no need for seeking legal help for an insurance claim. However, many unrepresented people experience hiccups and total roadblocks when it comes to receiving a settlement check. Our attorneys help during the process in many ways, including:

Contact Our Panama City Insurance Claims Lawyers Today

With the help of our legal team at Ged Lawyers, LLP, you can navigate the insurance process with as little stress as possible, so you can finish your repairs and move forward with your life. To schedule your free consultation, please call 850-684-4000 or send us a message online. We’re here to help.