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Florida Establishes Mental Health Programs After Hurricane Michael

In the wake of a natural disaster, many people focus first on obtaining compensation and rebuilding what they lost. Of course, these are things that you must pay attention to, given the strict deadlines and paperwork requirements that insurance companies impose. However, you must also prioritize your own mental health during this difficult time.

Florida has hired a mental health coordinator for disaster recovery as part of their Division of Emergency Management. This person’s job is to help coordinate resources and services to help tend to people’s emotional needs after a disaster. Florida has recognized that effective emergency management also means taking care of the whole person and not just cleaning up and providing relief supplies. Florida’s efforts will include the following:

Hurricanes Affect Much More than Your Physical Well-Being

These efforts are in recognition of the devastating effects that storms such as Hurricane Michael had on the local communities. These effects linger long after homes have been repaired. Early intervention can help these communities cope with the impacts of these storms. Florida is now equally prioritizing mental health in accordance with a statewide initiative spearheaded by Casey DeSantis. Both Florida and the federal government have been giving money to establish mental health programs to help people in the wake of the hurricane. These efforts should continue when the next major hurricane hits Florida, and there will already be programs in place before the storm.

Losing your home and possessions can be almost as traumatic as a death in the family. If you have been affected by a disaster, it is perfectly normal to be feeling stress and sadness. It is only natural for anxiety and depression to result from a disaster where you witness the loss of the family home. Stressful events will unleash adrenaline and cortisol that could have lasting effects long after the immediate destructive event.

Recovery means just more than rebuilding. While you may never fully be able to come to terms with what happened, you should focus on getting some help in the short term so that you can emotionally handle all of your challenges. Even if you are busy dealing with other upheaval in your life, Florida is not making it easier to get the assistance you need to keep moving forward. The state can connect you with private and public help.

Contact a Florida Disaster Recovery Lawyer

Of course, knowing that you are getting the money that you need to rebuild can go a long way towards lowering your stress level. Sometimes, you need legal help to make the claim and get enough compensation from your insurance company to start again after a storm. Call the attorneys at Ged Lawyers LLP at (561) 995-1966 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.