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Florida Officials Focusing on Unpaid Hurricane Michael Claims

Many people in Florida are still struggling as they continue to wait for their insurance claims to be paid after Hurricane Michael. The 2018 storm damaged thousands of homes and displaced many people while they made repairs. However, some people either had to cover repairs on their own due to a lack of insurance responses, or they are still waiting and dealing with damaged homes without adequate repairs.

If you pay insurance premiums, you should expect to have the coverage you need when disaster strikes. When insurance companies use tactics to delay claims or deny the benefits you deserve, you can suffer financially. Many people have complained to Florida officials about insurance companies that make minimal offers on claims, taking too long to pay a settled claim, and much more.

Government Response

After realizing that 12 percent of Hurricane Michael-related claims are still open and unpaid over a year later, certain lawmakers have decided to take action to try to change state laws next year. Specifically, Consumer Advocate Tasha Carter and state Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis are designing a package of bills to propose to the legislature when the upcoming January session begins. Some homeowners in the Panhandle are claiming these proposals are too little, too late, and that adequate laws should already have been in place.

Legal Assistance with Claims

Many insurance companies are trying to claim that lawyers representing homeowners are slowing down the process and making it more costly. However, most homeowners disagree, stating that lawyers have helped them when they did not know how to address their claim issues caused by the insurance companies. Some common issues that homeowners have faced from insurance companies include:

Often, homeowners and attorneys know that insurance companies are violating the law, though there are many loopholes that companies can use to avoid liability. The law should be updated to hold insurance companies accountable when they do not provide the coverage and benefits that homeowners deserve after a disaster like Hurricane Michael.

Discuss How a Florida Disaster Relief Insurance Attorney Can Assist You

At the law office of Ged Lawyers, LLP, we keep a close watch on any proposed or changing legislation that relates to disaster relief and recovery for South Florida residents. We know that going through a hurricane is traumatic enough without having to deal with insurance companies and their failure to pay benefits you deserve.

In many cases, the right legal representation can improve the outcome of your claim and speed up the process. Companies know our legal team means business, and we are here to protect your rights. Contact us online or call 850-684-4000 today.