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How COVID-19 Will Impact Plans for Beating Upcoming Hurricanes

COVID-19 has upended our lives in untold ways and has put many things on hold. One thing the pandemic cannot stop, however, is hurricane season, which is coming – regardless of how prepared (or ill-prepared) we may be. While the coronavirus will certainly put a damper on our ability to proceed with hurricane plans that are business as usual, we’ll need to find workarounds that make such preparation feasible. If your home, business, or other property has been seriously damaged in a natural disaster such as a hurricane, it’s time to consult with an experienced Panama City insurance claims attorney.

Prep Work in Process

Florida officials and emergency managers recently shared that they are in the process of considering adjustments for the state’s plans related to hurricane response ahead of hurricane season. In fact, the possibility of an early storm season and the COVID-19 calamity coinciding could spell real trouble. For example, if storms hit in June or July, the state will need to reevaluate the disaster-recovery techniques that proved safe and reliable in the past, including:

The state recognizes that practices of old could prove deadly if COVID-19 is still on the rise when storms hit. If storm season holds off and doesn’t hit its stride until later in the summer, there’s a better chance that the virus will be on the downswing and that the risk will be far less serious.

Plans in the Works

If the season does come early, state officials have already landed on the option of using hotel rooms in place of mass-sheltering spaces such as schools. It would be far more difficult to keep the coronavirus at bay in an open space and determining how to deal with someone who’s sheltering and falls ill with COVID-19 would make things very complicated very quickly. While it’s impossible to know exactly what our lives and the virus will look like when storm season does hit, it’s imperative that contingency plans be in place because storm season is coming. 

Further Concern

A further concern related to a coinciding of the pandemic and hurricane season is that the state expects it won’t have the same kind of volunteer force that it usually sees after a hurricane. Typically, the state has about 10,000 people volunteer post-hurricane, but those numbers aren’t likely to hold in the current situation. Suggestions have been made to enlist teachers and state employees for the positions or to employ the currently unemployed with the available work.

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