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How to Prepare for Hurricane Insurance Claims

If you’ve ever been through a hurricane, you know exactly how terrifying that can be. Damage from excessive rainfall and flooding, flying branches and debris, and falling trees is often extremely serious. If your home has been damaged in a hurricane, you’re going to need to file an insurance claim. Insurance policies are notoriously confusing but understanding the basics can help. If your home was damaged by a hurricane, you need the professional legal guidance of an experienced Panama City insurance claims attorney.

Hurricanes and Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are huge storms that begin forming over large bodies of water and then move toward land masses in coastal regions. The official hurricane season runs from May or June until late in November (depending on where you’re located). If your home suffered damage this hurricane season, you naturally have concerns about your insurance coverage. The best way to ensure that you’re prepared for hurricane season is to do your insurance homework ahead of time.

Does My Homeowner Coverage Include Damage from Hurricanes?

Different homeowner policies cover different kinds of damage – including some of the damage that can be caused by hurricanes. Hurricane-related damage, however, can be so extensive that your homeowner policy is unlikely to cover everything. If you live in an area that’s prone to hurricanes, like Panama City, you’re better off purchasing additional insurance from the beginning.

Adequate Coverage

No two hurricanes are exactly alike, and it’s difficult to predict exactly what kind of damage a specific storm will bring. Generally, there isn’t one homeowner policy that will cover you for every category of damage. To be well protected, it’s in your best interest to carry three separate types of insurance, including:

● Homeowner insurance

● Windstorm insurance

● National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) flood insurance and excess flood insurance (if your home is worth more than $250,000)

With this suite of insurance products, your hurricane needs will likely be covered. It’s important to remember, however, that the kind of insurance you have in each of these categories will affect how you are compensated in the end. If your policy is for actual cash value (ACV), your payout will probably be far less than if you have a replacement cost policy.

Your Damaged Property

If your property is damaged in a hurricane, you’re going to need to make a claim that adequately reflects those damages. By keeping careful records of your valuable possessions, including your home, your vehicles, your recreational equipment, and more, you’ll be better prepared to provide your insurance company with an accurate representation of what you’ve lost. Taking careful before pictures (and comparing them to after pictures in the aftermath) and keeping electronic evidence of your possessions is your best path forward.

If You Have a Hurricane Insurance Claim, an Experienced Panama City Insurance Claims Attorney Can Help

Hurricanes often cause extensive property damage, but the dedicated insurance claims lawyers at Ged Lawyers in Panama City have the experience, skill, and commitment to help ensure you are fully compensated for your losses. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information today.