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Hurricane Michael Claims Still Unfulfilled

Experiencing a disaster such as a hurricane is a traumatic experience. The stress is only beginning, however, as you will then need to deal with repairs, insurance claims, and more. Many people need to file multiple claims for damage from flooding, water leakage, wind damage, and more.

As if the insurance process is not frustrating enough, many insurance companies are not fulfilling their end of the bargain after a hurricane. Even if you file a valid claim, there might be significant delays or even denials that prevent you from obtaining the funds you need to make repairs and get your home or office back in working order.

Insurance Complaints after Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael left tens of thousands of homeowners in Florida with serious damage to their homes. Many of these homeowners properly prepared and filed insurance claims with the necessary insurance companies, only to be left waiting for months, and many are still waiting more than a year later.

The Florida Department of Financial Services has received more than 1,700 complaints in the time following Hurricane Michael and sent notice of the worst complaints to the state Insurance Commissioner's office. Specifically, these complaints alleged that insurance companies did not pay settled claims within the required 90-day window of time.

According to Florida law, once an insurance company has reached an agreement with a claimant about the value of the claim, the insurer must pay the agreed-upon amount within 90 days. The Commissioner’s office stated it plans to fully investigate complaints about violations of insurance law.

In addition, officials estimate that about 12 percent of insurance claims from Hurricane Michael are still open and pending. Many homeowners are complaining of the delays they have experienced, which have kept some people from making necessary repairs or created financial hardship if they covered the cost of repairs themselves. In some cases, insurance companies even canceled policies in the wake of the storm, leaving homeowners without the coverage they thought they would have.

If you are still waiting on an insurance payout or are having other issues with your claim after Hurricane Michael, there are options to take legal action against your insurer. Insurance companies often do not have the interests of claimants in mind, and they will find any possible reason not to pay a claim - even if it is completely valid. Claimants often have little persuasive power against insurance companies, so it is important for them to seek legal representation and assistance from a Hurricane Michael insurance claim lawyer.

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At the office of Ged Lawyers, LLP, our disaster relief lawyers understand the struggles that homeowners are dealing with in the wake of Hurricane Michael. We have seen firsthand the tactics used by homeowners and flood insurance companies to limit payouts, including unreasonable delays or denials. Contact us online or call 850-684-4000 if you need assistance with an insurance claim stemming from the hurricane. We have helped many clients so far, and we can assist you.