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Nonprofits Join Together to Build Home for Hurricane Survivor

The aftershocks of a hurricane can reverberate for years to come, and this story about a man who lost his home in Hurricane Michael is one such example. In fact, the lifetime resident of Port St. Joe is set to receive a new home to replace the one he lost in Hurricane Michael in 2018. Several nonprofit groups and donors joined forces to take care of the problem, and the man’s new home is the result. If your home’s been lost or damaged in a hurricane, don’t put off consulting with a dedicated Panama City insurance claim lawyer about your options.

The Lost Home

The homeowner in question is a retired widower whose one-bedroom and one-bath home was damaged beyond repair in the hurricane. The home's foundation shifted due to the wind’s impact, which caused the home’s floor to buckle and its walls to separate. The roof was also dangerously compromised and couldn’t be salvaged safely.

The Team at Work

All of the following nonprofits (along with corporate donors and local officials) joined together with the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) to help build the man a replacement home in a three-day blitz build:

The Man’s New Home

The amassed groups weren’t satisfied with simply replacing the man’s home but, instead, went about building a disaster-resistant home with two bedrooms, a reinforced roof, overall strengthening of the home’s structure, and hurricane shutters. All of these improvements not only leave the man with a much safer and better-built home but also qualify him for annual insurance savings.

The Organizations Share their Mission

The president and CEO of FLASH shares their deep commitment to helping Florida’s most vulnerable populations obtain affordable housing that is also disaster-resistant. The executive director of Square Foot Ministry shares that, although their group is based in Atlanta, hurricane relief is in their DNA. The associate pastor for UMCOR expresses his group’s wish to have erected 35 to 40 similar three-day flash builds by this time next year – in their efforts to help those who lost everything in Hurricane Michael.

Ultimately, this man’s new home is part of FLASH’s Strong Homes Initiatives, which provides resiliency upgrades for homes built by volunteer organizations like UMCOR and Square Foot Ministry. These upgrades meet industry standards for resilient buildings and provide the families who move into them – like our retired widow – with the security that comes from living in a safely constructed home.

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