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Relief Coming to Citizens of Bay County

Many, many people in Florida whose homes were damaged in Hurricane Michael are still waiting for the relief they need. The process of obtaining available relief has become so convoluted and confusing that many victims are missing out. Fortunately, help is finally on the way. If you’ve suffered hurricane damage, an experienced Panama City Insurance Claim Attorney can help you obtain the compensation you need and to which you are entitled.

Knowing Where to Turn

If your home or property was damaged in a hurricane, things are hectic enough, and you probably have no idea where to turn for help. The problem is that it’s complicated at the best of times. You may need to deal with one – or all – of the following organizations:

A New Program in Panama City to the Rescue

At the Community Recovery Center in Panama City, Florida, a new program has been implemented to help victims of Hurricane Michael move forward with their recovery and with their lives. The program is called Disaster Case Management, and it hasn’t arrived a moment too soon. The State of Florida contracted with the nonprofit organization Compass 82 to help bring Disaster Case Management to life. 

The program’s intention is to help people adjust to their new realities and to help get them back on their feet. The program is funded by FEMA, and it provides case managers who work with individuals directly on a case by case basis. The idea is to make sure that people’s recovery needs are being met in an effective and efficient manner. 

Making a Difference

The new program incorporates several differences that are expected to have a serious impact. One of these is that the Disaster Case Management is proactive, and it plans on taking the bold first step of actually reaching out to those in need. Additionally, minimum qualifications for the program are less rigorous, which means that the program can potentially help people living in FEMA trailers, people who are just beginning the FEMA filing process, people who have yet to file a claim, and people who have already been denied relief. The hope is to help build a more vibrant Bay County by making it easier for citizens to obtain the relief they need and deserve.

Need Hurricane Relief? An Experienced Panama City Insurance Claim Lawyer Can Help

If your home or property was damaged in Hurricane Michael, you know exactly how harrowing that is, but you may not know where to turn for relief. The Panama City insurance claim lawyers at Ged Lawyers, LLP, are on your side and have extensive experience helping clients like you obtain the compensation to which they are entitled and that they need to begin rebuilding their lives. We care about your case, so please don’t hesitate to contact or call us at 850-684-4000 for more information today.