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Should I Talk to a Lawyer Before Filing a Claim?

Your home has been damaged in a storm or some other kind of disaster, and you’re probably reeling from the shock of it all. That’s natural. Your first impulse may be to file your claim and let the chips fall where they may, but if your damage is significant, this may not be in your best interest. The fact is that insurance claims on homeowners’ policies are extremely complicated, and insurance companies are often adept at tripping up novice claimants (and most claimants are obviously novices in this matter) and setting your claim on a rocky path from the get-go. If your home has been damaged, it’s critical to get to the heart of the matter and assess the damage in its entirety to help ensure that you’re compensated accordingly. If you have a significant homeowners’ claim, it is almost certainly in your best interest to consult with an experienced Panama City insurance claim liability lawyer before you file.

Should I Call My Family Lawyer?

While you can hire your family lawyer to help you with your homeowners’ claim, you are ill-advised to do so. Insurance liability law is exceedingly complicated and specific to the matter at hand. Experienced insurance liability attorneys specialize in the work inherent to these claims and will help direct your claim in the right direction from the outset.

Will I Have to Sue My Insurance Company?

Many people are of the mistaken belief that hiring an insurance liability lawyer ultimately leads to suing the insurance company, but nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of these claims are settled out of court, but your lawyer will provide you with an array of support that will help motivate the insurance company to compensate you in accordance with your policy and the law.

What Will the Insurance Liability Lawyer Do for My Claim?

Every homeowners’ insurance claim is unique to its own set of circumstances, but your experienced insurance liability lawyer will provide a variety of services in support of your claim and in his or her efforts to obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. These services can include:

If You Have a Homeowners’ Claim, Consult with a Panama City Insurance Claim Liability Lawyer

If your home has been damaged in a storm – or another kind of disaster – the dedicated insurance claim liability lawyers at Ged Lawyers, LLP – proudly serving the Panama City area – are committed to helping ensure that you are fully compensated for your damages. Get your claim off to a solid start by consulting with us before you file. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 850-684-4000 today.