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Helping Clients in the Panama City Area with a Variety of Insurance Claims

When it comes to insurance claims, no two situations are the same. Each claim will involve unique property, unique types of damage, and also unique complications. Many people don’t consider calling a lawyer for help filing a claim - until they receive a low settlement offer or a denial. Having the help of an experienced insurance claims attorney can help streamline the situation, often avoiding unnecessary delays or other issues.

Our team at Ged Lawyers, LLP know that many people in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Mexico Beach, and the surrounding areas have many insurance woes due to disasters like Hurricane Michael. The last thing you need to worry about after a hurricane is whether you will get the insurance payment you deserve. Call our law firm for help today and let us take some of the stress off you.

The following are some of our insurance-related practice areas. To learn how we can help with your specific claim, contact us directly for a free consultation.

Hurricane Insurance Claims

When Hurricane Michael swept through Mexico Beach and Panama City, it destroyed nearly everything in its path. People in this area know how devastating the aftermath of a hurricane can be, as you’ve lived through it many times. In many situations, you rely on your insurance coverage to move forward after such a disaster.

Hurricane insurance claims can be more complex than most people think, however. You may have to make claims under several different policies, and each insurance company can make things difficult. It always helps to have an experienced hurricane insurance claims lawyer helping you from the very beginning.

Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

Hurricanes and other unavoidable events can cause serious damage to your home. In order to make your home livable again, you may need substantial funds from your homeowner’s insurance policy to complete the necessary repairs. Your home may be subject to different types of damage, including:

We can assess your situation and help you determine which policies cover which types of damage. Our lawyers are ready to help whether you received a claim denial or you haven’t even started the homeowner’s claim process.

Property Damage Insurance Claims

Homes are far from the only type of property that sustains damage in hurricanes and disasters. Businesses, rental properties, vehicles, and more can require costly repairs. Any delays in insurance payments can cause owners to lose significant income, so you never want to risk not receiving the settlement you deserve in a timely fashion. No matter what type of property you own, our property damage insurance lawyers are ready to assist you throughout the entire claims process.

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At Ged Lawyers, LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to helping hurricane and disaster victims get back on their feet. If you have any questions about insurance claims or received a denial, call us right away at 850-684-4000 or send us a message online.