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Hurricane Michael Boat Insurance Claims

Helping Clients in Panama City and throughout Florida Get the Benefits They Deserve for Boat Damage

After Hurricane Michael, much focus was on the damage to homes, stores, hospitals, and other buildings and structures. However, the winds, storm surge, and rain also damaged another type of property that is extremely valuable to many coastal Floridians - their boats. Throughout the Panhandle, you could see boats in pieces, boats run aground, and boats floating out to sea. If your boat was damaged, the repairs or replacement can be costly, and you should discuss your situation with an experienced boat insurance claims attorney.

The legal team at Ged Lawyers, LLP is dedicated to helping people recover for their extensive losses after Hurricane Michael. Our disaster recovery attorneys help with all types of insurance claims, including for boat damage. Call today to learn how we may be able to help you.

Boat Insurance in Florida

Boat owners are not required to carry boat insurance like drivers must have auto insurance. However, lenders who issue financing for boat purchases may require insurance coverage for boats that are collateral. If you keep your boat in a marina, you likely will have to purchase boat insurance, as well.

Even if boat insurance is optional in your situation, it is still critical to have coverage to protect your investment. Boat insurance can cover damage or losses involving many types of motored recreational vessels, including:

● Fishing boats

● Pontoons boats

● Speed boats

● Leisure crafts

● Yachts

Policies do not cover personal watercraft or non-motored canoes, kayaks, and similar boats.

What does Boat Insurance Cover?

While each policy will vary regarding specific coverage, most policies include some or all of the following coverage:

● Comprehensive coverage of boat damage

● Collision damage

● Liability for boat-related injuries

● Liability for property damage

You might also purchase additional coverage for personal property on the boat, oil spills, uninsured boat operator insurance, fishing equipment, and more.

Some insurance companies may also offer policies that cover damage to boats from hurricanes and other disasters, as well as storm damage. With standard coverage and additional hurricane coverage, your policy may cover:

● Property damage

● Damage from wind and debris

● Lightning damage

● Hail damage

● Flooding of the boat

Our attorneys can review your boat insurance policy and advise you of your rights to recovery for your boat damage and losses. If you are entitled to benefits, we can pursue your boat insurance claim on your behalf.

The insurance process is not an easy one, and it can be particularly distressing when you need coverage to protect your home or other valuable property. Our legal team is dedicated to disaster recovery efforts by serving as leaders in hurricane insurance law and the claims process in Florida, and we help boat and property owners like you.

Contact Our Panama City Boat Insurance Claims Attorneys for Help

At Ged Lawyers, LLP, we know that many people facing devastating losses receive limited settlement offers or denied claims altogether. Call 850-684-4000 or contact us online to learn how we can assist you today.