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Helping Business Owners Recover after Devastating Losses in Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael did not pick and choose what types of buildings to destroy, and both residential and commercial properties suffered severe damage. Insurance companies dealing with millions of claims at once can cause delays for business owners or issue denials of claims. If you need assistance filing a claim or received a denial, call an experienced Hurricane Michael business insurance claims attorney at Ged Lawyers, LLP for help.

Business Losses due to Hurricane Michael

Having your business destroyed not only requires costs for repairs, but it can also create a substantial interruption in income. Lack of internet and power also affected many business owners, and even a week out of operation can affect your finances.

To make matters worse, there was an interruption in clientele and customers for many businesses in the months after the hurricane. The beach in Panama City did not reopen for months, and tourists did not come and spend money in restaurants and shops until spring. Local residents also did not frequent their usual businesses after the storm, as they were focused on dealing with their own recovery.

Many people working in the agricultural industry across Florida also experienced serious losses. The hurricane damaged many farms and caused about $158 million in crop losses. This is not including losses involving cattle, timber, and other resources.

Filing Your Business Insurance Claim

As a business owner in Florida, you should not only have the necessary property insurance to cover a bricks-and-mortar location, but also business interruption coverage. This coverage protects companies and owners if operations cannot continue for a period of time due to property and equipment damage or similar reasons. The policy should cover prospective revenue the business would have received without interruption.

Policies should cover the business during its period of restoration, during which the company owners repair, replace, or rebuild damaged property. However, you do not have an indefinite amount of time, since the period of restoration must be reasonable under the circumstances.

When you are filing your claim to recover lost business earnings, you should always seek help from an experienced disaster recovery attorney. Our law firm can help business owners affected by Hurricane Michael in many ways, such as:

Importantly, you should notify your insurer right away if a covered event occurs to interrupt business. Then, your insurance company will advise you when you need to send in the proof of loss for the company. It is critical to seek help from an attorney as soon as you know when you need to prepare the proof of loss.

Consult with an Experienced Business Claims Lawyer in Panama City

Ged Lawyers, LLP assists clients affected by Hurricane Michael with property, vehicle, and business claims, among others. If you need assistance with a claim or received a denial, do not wait to call 844-443-3529 or contact us online for a free consultation.