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Hurricane Michael Commercial Building Claims Attorneys

Helping Commercial Property Owners with Complex Insurance Claims for Hurricane Damage

Homeowners are not the only ones who suffered major losses due to Hurricane Michael. Many people and companies saw their commercial properties damaged by winds, rain, flooding, and debris. If you own a damaged commercial property, you may wonder what type of payment you can receive from your insurance policy.

Your first priority after a disaster is to repair the damage to your commercial property. The longer the damage persists, the longer your business can suffer, but repairs are costly. You should not wait to discuss your rights to insurance benefits under your commercial building insurance policy. Call Ged Lawyers, LLP to learn about your rights and how our commercial building claims attorneys can fight for the full settlement you deserve.

Commercial Building Insurance Policies

There are different kinds of insurance policies that commercial building owners can purchase for disaster recovery coverage. General commercial building policies can cover the damage to the property and its contents from wind, lightning, and debris. This coverage can include fixtures, equipment, furniture, electronics, and more.

In hurricane-prone areas such as south Florida, commercial property owners should always make sure to purchase additional commercial flood insurance. When water damage occurs from the ground-up due to storm surges or heavy rains, your general building insurance will not cover the damage. You must have separate coverage and file a separate claim with that policy.

If your business was interrupted and you lost profits, you may have a policy that covers those losses, as well. You can seek coverage for loss of income due to power outages, inaccessible buildings, damage to equipment, and other reasons related to the hurricane. No matter what type of losses you suffered, insurance payments can be essential to your continued operations and success as a business in the future.

Filing Your Claim

While anyone can file an insurance claim on their own, denials are common when it comes to hurricane and disaster recovery. Insurance companies are dealing with many, many commercial property claims all at once, and property owners can experience delays in the claims process. Then, you may receive a denial or a very limited settlement compared to your losses. It can help significantly to have the right legal representation from the start of your claim.

Our insurance claim attorneys regularly handle the following and more:

● Evaluate the value of your losses

● Help get quotes for repairs

● Preparing and filing the claim

● Communicating with insurance adjusters

● Examining settlement offers and negotiating higher offers

● Filing lawsuits against insurance companies that refuse to offer a fair amount or that act in bad faith

Consult with Our Panama City Commercial Building Claims Lawyers Today

When you have the right lawyer handling your claim, you can improve your chances of receiving the full recovery you deserve. Our team at Ged Lawyers, LLP, understands the tricks used by insurance companies and adjusters, and we will not back down. Call 850-684-4000 or contact us online for a free consultation.