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Denied Claims Attorneys

Helping Policyholders Fight for the Insurance Benefits They Deserve after Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael made it clear what a Stage 4 hurricane could do, as the epic storm left many communities torn and destroyed in its wake. Many people who suffered property damage to homes, businesses, or vehicles knew they lived in high-risk areas and previously purchased the insurance coverage they thought they needed in the event of a disaster like this one. However, many of those same people ended up shocked and stressed when they received a denial of one or more insurance claims.

We depend on insurance to help us when we need it most, and we pay premiums expecting the insurance company to keep its end of the bargain. Getting a claim denial can leave policyholders feeling hopeless, especially if they do not have the funds to cover repairs or replacements on their own. You do not have to give up hope in this situation, however, an experienced disaster recovery and insurance attorney at Ged Lawyers, LLP is ready to help.

Our legal team helps with a wide variety of disaster-related insurance claims, from homes to cars to boats to commercial properties. We know how these insurance companies work and how to fight a denial. Call today for more information.

Common Reasons for Denial

There are many reasons why an insurance claim could be denied after a disaster like a hurricane. You should always have a skilled insurance claims attorney review the cited reasons for denial, but the following are only some common reasons our legal team sees:

In some cases, the reason for a denial is not valid. With so many people filing claims at the same time, insurance companies can make mistakes and issue a wrongful denial. Some claims may even be denied due to bad faith on the part of the insurer. In either situation, our attorneys can review your options and help you take the best path toward the benefits you deserve.

Consult with Our Panama City Denied Claims Lawyers Immediately after a Denial

After a disaster like Hurricane Michael, millions of people are overwhelmed, and so are insurance companies. Often, a denial can be resolved with the help of a skilled insurance claim lawyer who knows how to handle cases following hurricanes. For a free case evaluation with Ged Lawyers, LLP, please call 844-443-3529 or contact us online today.