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Panama City Lightning Damage Attorneys

Lightning is not only a dangerous and frightening byproduct of storms that is often deadly, but it can also do serious damage to your property. Although you probably don’t think about lightning as being a natural disaster, the State of Florida actually sees thousands of insurance claims related to lightning every year and is among the states with the highest number of lightning-related injuries and property damage each year. If your property has been damaged by lightning, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Panama City insurance claims attorney on your side.

The Power of Lightning

When lightning strikes, it is actually a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere that gathers within clouds. Lighting ranks high on the list of deaths caused by weather in the United States, and every year, it causes property damage in the billions of dollars. The core temperature at the heart of a lightning strike is so high that it can easily cause explosive fires upon contact. The damage to property, including buildings and other structures, vehicles, electronics, and appliances is often immense.

When Lightning Strikes

It is, of course, impossible to know when and where lightning will strike, but you can help better prepare for such strikes. There are lightning protection systems on the market that are installed to help ground your home and property. These systems help harness the energy of lightning and allow it to dissipate into the surrounding ground. While a lightning protection system can help mitigate the damage caused by lightning, nothing can fully protect you from a dangerous lightning strike.

Damage Caused by Lightning

Lightning can cause serious property damage that is categorized into three groupings, including:

You Need an Experienced Panama City Lightning Damage Lawyer on Your Side

If you’ve suffered property damage that was caused by lightning, the insurance claims process can be complicated. Obtaining compensation that covers your damages in their entirety, however, is critical. The dedicated Panama City insurance claims attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP, are committed to skillfully advocating for your claim’s most beneficial resolution. Please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 850-684-4000 for more information today.