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Property Damage Claims Attorneys

Helping Disaster Victims Receive the Insurance Payments They Need in the Panama City Area

After Hurricane Michael or similar disasters, many people are understandably overwhelmed by the amount of property damage they suffered. The first step to picking up the pieces is to assess the damage and file the right insurance claims. However, these insurance claims don’t always end up the way you expect, as many people receive a settlement offer that is much lower than they need or receive an outright denial.

If you didn’t get sufficient compensation to repair your home, rental property, business, or vehicle, you shouldn’t wait to call our dedicated property damage claims attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP. We stand up to insurance companies and fight for the payment our clients deserve for disaster-related property damage. Call today to learn more about how we can help you.

Handling a Wide Range of Property Damage Claims

Hurricane Michael did not discriminate when it caused devastating damage across Mexico Beach, Panama City Beach, Panama City, and the surrounding areas. These hurricanes and storms can destroy anything and everything in their paths. Owners of property usually have a long road ahead when it comes to insurance claims and repairs.

Our attorneys regularly help clients dealing with many types of damage, including to:

The type of insurance coverage you have will depend on the type of property that was damaged. Furthermore, you will have to file claims based on the type of damage that occurred, such as:

For example, many homeowner’s policies may cover windstorm damage and water damage from water that might come in through the roof, windows, or other leaks. However, these policies will not cover flood damage, which is defined as water damage that rises from the floor up. You will need to make a separate claim with your FEMA flood insurance policy to cover that type of damage.

If you own a business, a home, a car, and other property, you could be facing a long process of filing many different property damage claims. Mistakes are all too easy to make, and it can be valuable to have our property damage insurance attorneys helping you from the very start of the process.

Protecting Your Rights

When you purchase the right insurance policies and make regular payments, you deserve to receive payment for the full value of property damage repairs in a timely manner. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always hold up their end of the bargain, and they may offer an inadequate amount or may deny your claim altogether. In this situation, call our insurance claims lawyers right away. We know the tricks and tactics that insurance claims use to avoid paying for property damage, and we are ready to stand up for your rights.

Contact Our Panama City Property Damage Insurance Lawyers for Help

If a hurricane, storm, or another disaster caused property damage to anything you own, call Ged Lawyers, LLP right away. We are committed to helping people in and around Panama City, so please call 850-684-4000 or reach out to us online for a free case evaluation today.