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Water Damage Claims Attorney

Representing Property Owners in Insurance Claims for Water Damage after a Hurricane

Hurricanes bring strong winds, but they also bring heavy rains and surging waters. The water from Hurricane Michael flooded many homes and businesses and caused all types of damage to properties in Panama City and throughout the State of Florida. If your property flooded, you will need to file a claim with your FEMA flood coverage. However, if your property sustained damage from water coming in from above, you will need to file a separate claim with your homeowner’s insurance company.

If your property damage claim that involved water damage was denied, or you are struggling to get the offer you deserve from your insurer, you should not wait to call Ged Lawyers, LLP. Our water damage claims lawyers handle insurance cases following Hurricane Michael and other disasters, and our legal team is ready to help.

Types of Water Damage

Your property can be damaged by water in many ways other than flooding. When 150 to 160 mile-per-hour winds hit your home, commercial property, or a vehicle, it can cause damage to roofs, windows, walls, and more. Leaks can quickly develop, and rain and surging water can get into your home.

When water freely comes in through the roof, walls, or windows, it can cause widespread damage throughout a structure. Water can seep into floors, walls, carpets, and more. Mold can quickly develop, which is toxic to you and your family. Water can also ruin personal property within a home or office, including electronics, furniture, appliances, artwork, clothing, and much more. The cost of fixing water damage, removing mold, and replacing personal property can be immense.

Your Water Damage Claim

Your general homeowner’s or property insurance policy should cover water damage that was not a result of flooding. This claim can be in conjunction with a wind damage claim you might have. Know that your insurer will likely be receiving numerous claims in a short period of time, so the processing time for your claim might be wrongfully delayed.

Insurance adjusters often try to limit water damage settlements in many ways. Some tactics may include:

You pay insurance premiums with the expectation that your insurance company will have you covered in the event of a disaster. This is particularly critical for people who live and work in the path of potential hurricanes. When insurance companies fail to do their jobs, you need legal representation.

Contact Our Panama City Water Damage Claims Lawyers for the Help You Need

The Hurricane Michael attorneys at Ged Lawyers, LLP, represent claimants who are not receiving their fair benefits for property damage and other losses. If you need help with a water damage claim - or any other type of claim - please contact us online or call 850-684-4000 today.